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Searching for a Mount Rushmore hotel?

The Roosevelt Inn is one of the two closest Black Hills lodging options to Mount Rushmore! Less than a five minute drive and you are at the monument! Check out the details below.

Mount Rushmore, known as the "Shrine of Democracy", is the premiere attraction in the Black Hills. This world-famous mountain sculpture was started in 1927 and progress continued until work was halted in 1940. It remains "unfinished" to this day, but most of the 2.8 million visitors who come each year don't notice. The State of South Dakota maintains a website about Mount Rushmore at:

The sculpture is best seen just after sunrise, however viewing is usually good throughout the morning hours. The monument should also be seen after dark, and the evening lighting program is especially popular during the summer months. Until September 1st, the lighting program starts at 9 p.m., thereafter it begins 8 p.m. Most visitors to Mt. Rushmore view the monument from atop the Grand Terrace. There are, however, quite a number of other things to see or do, including a hike around the Presidential Trail, a visit to the Artist's Studio (summer only) and a visit to the Interpretive Center. There is also a gift shop, a restaurant and a park service visitor information booth at the monument. It is also quite likely you will see white mountain goats/sheep on or around the monument because a sizable group lives there.

NOTE: There are no Black Hills lodging facilities within the Mount Rushmore boundaries. The nearest accommodations are hotels in Keystone, South Dakota, two miles from the visitor center. The Roosevelt Inn is one closest Mount Rushmore hotels.