Black Hills Trip Planner


Once you arrive in the Hills, what are you going to see? Unless you are extremely organized or your type A personality has you planning every moment of your trip, you likely have some extra room in your schedule. We have provided a sample of the attractions close to the Roosevelt Inn that we recommend checking out. Hotels in Keystone, South Dakota are centrally located and almost every Black Hills attraction is within an hour of driving. Click on the images below for more information!

Traveling to the Black Hills

The Black Hills are located on the far western edge of South Dakota with a small portion in Wyoming. There are no major cities with air hubs nearby. The closest big cities are Denver, about 375 miles southwest, Salt Lake City, about 625 miles west, Omaha, about 500 miles east, and Minneapolis, about 600 miles northeast. In short, if you are used to the bustling metropolitan areas, the Black Hills are in the middle of nowhere. If you plan to travel by private car, you should allow a full-day's travel time from any of the above major cities.

You can also fly to the Rapid City Regional Airport (RAP) if you would rather not drive. Direct flights to RAP originate in Denver, Salt Lake City and Minneapolis. There is also a bus service to Rapid City. From the airport or bus stop, you will have to travel to hotels in Keystone, South Dakota by car.

Mount Rushmore